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94 Street Underpass (uneven roundabout)

Scope: Technical, administrative, financial, legal, social, and environmental supervision for the construction of the works of the uneven intersection of Avenida Laureano Gómez (9 Av.) with 94 Street and its connection with Avenida Santa Bárbara (19 Av.). 

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  • Metal sheet pile installation for the underpass in a length of 2.5 km and depths from 13 m to 39 m, as a containment system of the roundabout. 
  • Transfer of the Tibitoc matrix network of the aqueduct in a length of 725 ml in diameters of 60″ and 72″ by open excavation, ramming, and tunnel systems. 
  • Renovation and expansion of backbone and minor sewerage and sanitation networks (8 km). 
  • Construction of dry networks (5 km) and public space (28,000 m2). 
  • Construction of the underpass pumping station. 
  • Construction of three railway bridges in a length of 30 m and 22 m. 
  • Construction of 206 m pedestrian bridge and 50 m pedestrian cycle. 
Additional Services
  • Inspection of water and basic sanitation: a review of designs and supervision of works.
  • Review, supervision and identification of opportunities for improvement in studies and designs.
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