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Cauca Road Administration

Scope: Road administration of the Cauca highways in charge of the National Highways Institute.

Client: National Highways Institute (INVÍAS by its initials in Spanish)

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  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate, evaluate and control the routine maintenance activities of the roads assigned to it and exercise its audit.
  • Update road maintenance costs (Unit Price Analysis – UPA) and supply the information required for the different road administration systems used by INVÍAS.
  • Keep the road referencing system updated, based on the information provided by INVÍAS.
  • Replace the missing reference poles on the roads in charge and carry out technical auscultation visits to diagnose the general state of the works executed through contracts and that have current stability policies, according to the list of contracts and programming provided by INVÍAS.

Achieve adequate surveillance, control, and functionality of the roads of the national road network, in the department of Cauca, under the responsibility of INVÍAS to ensure the possibility to users in acceptable conditions.

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