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Santa Lucía – Moñitos

Scope: Auditing for the improvement and maintenance works, property, social and ,sustainableenvironmentalt management of the Santa Lucía – Moñitos corridor in the department of Córdoba.

Client: National Highways Institute (INVÍAS by its initials in Spanish)

Consortium: Consorcio Vial Norte (made up by R&Q and Gómez Cajiao).

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  • Studies and design reviews
  • Supervision of the adjustment, unification, complementation, updating, adjusti,ng or adaptation of studies and designs.
  • Supervision of definitive or phase III studies and designs.
  • Supervision of the constructionand/orr improvement anand/orverhauling and / or maintenance stage.

The Santa Lucía – Moñitos road links several corridors of great importance for the socio-economic development of the region. However, this road is, for the most part, uncovered, which is why it is affected annually by the strong winters that hit the region and that have caused significant damage to the entire structure of the road, causing potholes, subsidence, and puddles of water that make it difficult for the transit of vehicles that use the road daily. These difficulties would be addressed and corrected with this project.

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