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Transmilenio 68 Av. From Américas avenue to Centennial Avenue (13th street)

Scope: Audit of the construction for the adaptation to the Transmilenio System of the Eucharistic Congress Avenue (68 Av.) from the Americas Avenue to the Centenario Avenue (13th Street) and complementary works in Bogotá.

Client: Institute of Urban Development.

Consortium: CJ 2020 (Joyco, Consultécnicos y Consultores and Interventores Técnicos).

Execution time: 128 months 

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1. Underpass highway for the connection between 68 Av. With Américas Av.

  • Total length is 486 m.
  • 78 m of cantilevered walls with shallow foundations. 
  • 86 m of pre-excavated screen-type cantilever walls. 
  • 322 m of pre-excavated screen-type walls with pointing. 

2. 11th Street Pedestrian Bridge

  • Main section 67.24 m in two lights.
  • Western access with two sections (45 m and 44.3 m).
  • Eastern access with two sections (46.2 m and 41.8 m).
  • Transmilenio access (73.84 m).

3. Station type T2 11th Street

  • Length: 196.8 m.
  • Width: 5 m.
  • Access ramps: 2
  • Wagons: 2
  • Intermediate walkway.
  • Access ramps length: 9.60 m.
  • Access ramps width: 3.22 m

In 2025, it will be the main Transmilenio trunk road and a key axis of mobility in the west, characterized by its urban renewal, with 17 kilometers of exclusive corridors for RTB (rapid transit buses) that will cross the city between the South Highway and 100th Street. with 7th Av. and for which 33,000 passengers will be transported hour-direction.

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