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Venecia Networks

Scope: Integral supervision for the complementation and/or adjustments of the studies, designs, and construction of the pedestrian networks, group B, Red Venecia, in Bogota.  

Client: Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano. 

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  • The major challenges of the project are related to approvals and harmonization with the ESPs, district, and national entities.  
  • The correct connection between specialties and adjacent projects or projects related to this contract, and unforeseen changes that significantly impact the updates. 

In the area of indirect influence various social, environmental, economic, land use valuation and potential, and possible future changes of vocation impacts materialize because of transformation processes typical of this type of action in the urban environment. Attention to the environmental component is noteworthy, given that the ecological and environmental relationships present greater extensions and interrelationships as elements of the ecological structure.   

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