We are experts in project life cycle management

Design, Joyco
We provide technical studies and designs at different stages of maturity of civil infrastructure projects.

Our value proposition:

  • We maximize the use of primary and secondary information on the characterization of areas where projects are located.

  • We increase the accuracy of the type of infrastructure solution selected to meet the needs.
  • We increase the certainty (according to the design stage) regarding the time and cost management of the designed projects.

  • We provide constant support to our clients to solve their doubts and concerns so they can carry out their work in a fast, timely, and efficient manner

Design Services

Design, Joyco

Consultancy in studies and fieldwork:

Counseling and accompaniment in the definition and development of studies and fieldwork are required as sources of information for the design process.

Design, Joyco

Technical designs:

Execution of technical designs of all disciplines in technical areas (geometry, geotechnics, hydraulics, structures, tunnels, electrical, mechanical) as well as in complementary areas (environmental, social, land), in stages of ideation, profile, pre-feasibility, feasibility and construction designs.

Design, Joyco

Specialized technical concepts

Design, Joyco

Consultancy in the planning of construction cycles and processes.

Sectors we serve:

Design, Joyco

Road infrastructure and transportation

Design, Joyco


Design, Joyco

Basic sanitation

Design, Joyco


Design, Joyco


In every service we provide:





Professional advice


Success Stories

Design, Joyco

Studies and designs of rehabilitation and construction projects in Neiva - Espinal highway Huila and Tolima Department.

Design, Joyco

Studies and designs for the construction of the concession project for the highway Rapid Access Corridor to the Cartagena Bypass.

Design, Joyco

Studies and designs of the prioritized roads in the departmental road plan of La Guajira, Quindío, and Tolima.

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