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Geometric Design of the New Road Network, Valle del Cauca

Scope: Studies and designs of the geometric layout and signaling component for the construction, improvement, rehabilitation, and tuning of the new road network of Valle del Cauca – Cali and Palmira access. 

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  • Advance in the maturation of the project from the structuring delivered by ANI to the concessionaire to coordinate efforts with the different actors involved during the consolidation of the studies and designs.  
  • To meet the long-term infrastructure needs of the region by delivering a Phase III construction product to our client. 

This project will improve mobility and connection conditions in the municipalities of the area of influence by decongesting the Cali and Palmira exits.   

This initiative not only contributes to the improvement of competitive conditions for business strengthening by reducing travel times and transportation costs but also promotes activities such as tourism and agriculture, which are important for the region of Valle del Cauca.  

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