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Highway to the Sea 1

ScopeMonitoring and reach control, time, costs, risks, and opportunities for improvement, through technical assistance to ensure that the financing is by the progress reported in the work issued by the concession. 

ClientMott Macdonald. 

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  • Detailed analysis of project objectives (reach, timing, costs, risks, and opportunities for improvement). 
  • Support in the global understanding of the initiative to achieve financial closure. 
  • Verify the technical and economic execution to guarantee the cash flow of the project during its construction. 
  • Ensure project monitoring through standardized and systematized tools. 
  • Generate confidence in the quality and timeliness of the construction works.

With a total length of 421 km, the Highway to the Sea corridor, consisting of the Highway to the Sea 1 and Highway to the Sea 2 concession, will connect Medellín with the Caribbean coast, the Port of Urabá, and the De las Americas Cross-section. This will save time and freight transportation costs. For example, it will reduce the travel time from Medellín to Urabá from 10 to 4 hours. In this way, these works, which are part of the 4G program, will be an alternative to exiting Medellín and the Eje Cafetero in a faster way. 

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