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Leidi Garzón, Joyco

Leidi Garzón
Social Worker

Leidi is a social worker with over 14 years of experience, a specialist in Environmental Law and Corporate Social Responsibility Management, and a master’s in environmental law and management.

She has expertise in consulting as a social specialist and social professional in projects related to social management in road infrastructure works of the Instituto Nacional de Vías (Invías), road concession of the Agencia Nacional de Infraetsructura (ANI), auditing and hydrocarbons (CPE 8 and Seismic 2D). 

Experience with indigenous communities, Afro-descendants, and peasants, and with knowledge of issues related to the socio-environmental area, preventive archeology, Equator Principles, and performance standards on environmental and social sustainability of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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