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Magdalena trunk road – Section 2: Puerto Araujo – San Alberto

Scope: Audit for the continuation, improvement, overhauling, maintenance, social, property, and environmental management of the Magdalena trunk road, Puerto Araújo – San Alberto section in the department of Santander.

Client: National Highways Institute (INVÍAS by its initials in Spanish)

Consortium: Intervial Ruta 2 Consortium (Joyco, Saitec and SEG).

Execution time: 24 months 

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Construction of more than 30 kilometers through the execution of hydraulic works, excavations, and installation of the embankment.


The execution of this project benefits more than 300,000 people, as it improves the country’s connectivity and promotes the economic development of the different sectors since it is one of the main foreign trade corridors in Colombia. Likewise, we work to guarantee traffic conditions and road safety.

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