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Transmilenio Ciudad de Cali Avenue

Scope: Monitoring and control of reach, time, costs, risks, and opportunities for improvement, through technical assistance to ensure that the financing is in accordance with the progress reported in the work issued by the concession. 

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  • Detailed analysis of project objectives (reach, timing, costs, risks, and opportunities for improvement). 
  • Support in the global understanding of the initiative to achieve financial closure. 
  • Verify the technical and economic execution to guarantee the cash flow of the project during its construction. 
  • Ensure project monitoring through standardized and systematized tools. 
  • Generate confidence in the quality and timeliness of the constructed works. 

This project will allow users to move quickly and efficiently to the center and north of Bogota (Colombia) on a massive scale. This Transmilenio line will enable an intermodal connection with the Bogotá Metro, which will improve the quality of life of users. 

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