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Transversal del Sisga

Scope: Audit that includes technical, economic, financial, accounting, legal, administrative, operational, environmental, and socio-property auditing of the concession contract under a Public-Private Partnership scheme of the public initiative of the corridor called «Transversal del Sisga».

Client: National Infrastructure Agency (ANI by its initials in Spanish)

Execution time: 7 years 

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Achieve the successful stabilization of the sector called Marrano Loco.


The project seeks to have an alternative road to the main one from Bogotá, its design will allow the transit of heavy vehicles without inconvenience. Likewise, this overhauling is expected to reduce travel time and at the same time have a positive impact on the inhabitants of the sector and areas of influence: Chocontá, Tibiritá, Tenza, Garagoa, and Somondoco.

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