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Joyco: 43 Years Fulfilling its Purpose, Joyco

Joyco: 43 Years Fulfilling its Purpose

Transformation, progress, and well-being with quality infrastructure; have been the company’s roadmap in its last 43 years.

On October 16th, Joyco reached its 43rd anniversary. With a heartfelt and emotional celebration, the collaborators celebrated this date, which has become an annual milestone since its founders José Joaquín Ortiz Suárez and Clara Inés García de Ortiz,

went to register the company in 1978.

More than four decades of experience and knowledge have contributed to fulfilling the company’s purpose of transformation, progress, and well-being with quality infrastructure in Colombia, and now are preparing Joyco to venture into new markets in the region.

In his speech, the Board of Directors chairman, José Joaquín Ortiz, recalled how beautiful traditions are and how grateful he was for what he had lived and learned.

“I have many reasons to be grateful. Firstly, to have a purpose that is more than words because it allows us to be where we are. Our tireless workers, who perform their work not only because they must, but because they are passionate about it. Our growth in new sectors such as ports, energy, buildings; our Research and Engineering Center accreditation by the National Accreditation Agency of Colombia. And lastly, it is very exciting to see our presence in Colombia and soon in new markets ” Ortiz said.

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