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Diana Lorena Castaño has been appointed General Manager at Joyco, Joyco

Diana Lorena Castaño has been appointed General Manager at Joyco

After a rigorous selection process, the consulting firm and expert in the life cycle of civil infrastructure projects appointed a new manager effective February 14, 2022.

Starting this Monday, February 14, 2022, Joyco will be managed by Diana Lorena Castaño Acevedo, who arrives after a rigorous selection process carried out by the company’s Board of Directors and replaces José Joaquín Ortiz García, who was in the office on an interim basis since last October.

Diana Lorena is a civil engineer and holds a master’s degree in civil engineering with an emphasis on geotechnics and road infrastructure. She was awarded the ” Colombia Próximo Siglo ” Scholarship due to academic excellence by the University of Los Andes.

She boasts over 17 years of experience in planning, design, management, and coordination of infrastructure projects, from different areas of engineering, mainly in geotechnics, roads, materials research, budget analysis, and pavements designs.

Among Diana Lorena’s main goals will be ensuring growth, maximizing profitability, ensuring sustainability, as well, as adapting Joyco’s culture. Furthermore, she aims to strengthen the company position in the Colombian market and further the international expansion of Joyco as a leading expert advice firm in civil infrastructure projects.

“With this appointment, we are happy and proud because we reinforce our commitment to equity in our organization. This is the first time we have a woman in this office, whom in the selection process stood out for her discipline, style of leadership, passion for results, and high intellectual level,” said Ortiz García, who continues in the role of president of Joyco’s Board of Directors.

For her part, Castaño Acevedo said that her arrival at Joyco “means a great responsibility that I want to carry with discipline, mastery, and teamwork. I am proud to belong to a company in which its culture and people are the most important asset to fulfill the strategic plan goals.”

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