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José Joaquín Ortiz member of Fidic Global Leadership Forum, Joyco

José Joaquín Ortiz member of Fidic Global Leadership Forum

Joyco’s Chairman of the Board has been invited to join the ‘Global Leadership Forum’ expert forum of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic).

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic) made an international selection of the Global Leadership Forum members based on their key position, knowledge, experience, and leadership in the construction, infrastructure, and related sectors.

Among the renowned names that will be part of the Forum is José Joaquín Ortiz García, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Joyco and the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI), who will have the task to focus on the key issues facing society and civil infrastructure in general.

“It is an honor to have been invited to participate in this prestigious forum and to be able to contribute to the working groups of its ‘Think tank’. Belonging to the ‘Global Leadership Forum’ is an opportunity to meet with leaders from around the world and focus on the critical issues facing society and the infrastructure sector in general and look for feasible solutions to solve them,” Ortiz Garcia highlighted.

Additionally, the engineer stated that “the work areas will focus on addressing these four priorities: recognition of the infrastructure industry, sustainable development and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals, market intelligence and knowledge and, lastly, the acquisition and delivery of tomorrow’s infrastructure.” Among the dynamics of the Forum are the development of expert panels and round tables, industry surveys, and reports, and networking events with the public sector and civil society. Therefore, this platform is expected to have a great impact on consulting firms worldwide since it will provide a powerful global network for the discussion of key issues and will enhance opportunities to solve them in a coordinated manner. 

Ortiz Garcia pointed out that “It is worth mentioning that it is a powerful global network through its discussions, deliberations and actions, will build a strong coalition of support to reach agreements on what needs to be done to address the key global challenges we face and more importantly how we contribute to solve them.”

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