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Joyco strengthens its participation in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic), Joyco

Joyco strengthens its participation in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic)

Our Chairman, José Joaquín Ortiz García, was a speaker at Fidic’s Global Infrastructure Conference in Geneva, Switzerland and employees of the engineering consulting firm are within the Future Leaders 2022 brochure. 

The ‘Global Infrastructure Conference’ organized by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (Fidic) took place between September 11-13 in Geneva, Switzerland, with the collaboration of the World Economic Forum, the African Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, among others. 

José Joaquín Ortiz García participated in the last panel session: Engineering the Future: building a better tomorrow for a sustainable industry. This panel focused on how to inspire the next generation of engineering consulting companies in Africa and Asia to prepare themselves to contribute to the creation of quality and sustainable infrastructure, resilient to climate change and environmentally friendly. Since the demographic forecasts estimate that by the end of the century, 80% of human beings will live in Africa and Asia, and only 10% in North America and Western Europe. 

Regarding his participation in this international meeting of the sector, Chairman Ortiz Garcia said he is “grateful to Nelson Ogunshakin, Italo Goyzueta, and the Fidic, who with this event promote the exchange of ideas among consulting firms and guilds worldwide. We hope to see more Latin American consulting companies and associations involved in future events.”

Also, the Future Leaders booklet was released at this event. This booklet addresses some key trends and mega-issues facing society and what these mean for the industry. Among the articles in this edition are sustainability, contract risk, new ways of working, best management practices, the need to rethink consulting engineering, and the challenges of working in developing countries, among others.

In this regard, our General Manager, Diana Lorena Castaño said, “this meritorious effort is synonymous with our commitment to the creation and management of knowledge.” 

To learn more about the Future Leaders booklet:

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