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Joyco: 44 years of impactful work, Joyco

Joyco: 44 years of impactful work

The consulting and expert advice in the life cycle of civil infrastructure projects company reaches its 44th anniversary. 

With a heartfelt and emotional celebration, Joyco’s collaborators commemorated this special date, in which the company’s commitment to impact and transform society with quality infrastructure stood out. 

In 2021, the company acquired the Benefit society and Collective Interest seal (BIC), which, among other things, rectifies its compromise with business sustainability for the sake of managing resources and making them efficient, for the company as well as for the environment and society.

In a hybrid event, performed on-site in Bogotá and through virtual transmission for all the collaborators who are in the campsites from the various projects that the company carries out in Colombia, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, José Joaquín Ortiz García, remembered how thanks to the BIC seal the legacy of Joyco’s founders, José Joaquín Ortiz Suárez & Clara Inés García de Ortiz, is kept alive through the commitment with which everything is conceived and executed at Joyco. 

“Joyco, being a BIC company positively impacts its surroundings by doing everything with passion while accomplishing its higher purpose to bring progress to the regions and well-being to the people that work with us and that benefit from the infrastructure that we provide,” Ortiz García highlighted.

Diana Lorena Castaño Acevedo, the company’s General Manager, said that “with this business model we contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy in the country.”

Closet to the 45th year of Joyco’s existence, Castaño Acevedo cheered the collaborators to continue with their contributions to the consolidation of a company that sets its sights set on the future, that answers to the current world dynamics with innovative, creative, and state-of-the-art solutions. 

“At Joyco, we also have a strong commitment to innovation’s promotion and development, since we are convinced that our collaborators are the cornerstone that allows us to achieve meet the growth challenges that we set ourselves as a company,” pointed out Joyco’s Manager.

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