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<strong>Press release: Joyco and its business expansion</strong>, Joyco

Press release: Joyco and its business expansion

Joyco, an expert advisory company in the life cycle of civil infrastructure projects, would like to inform the following to the public due to the recent news published by various media outlets:

  1. The opening of our branch office in Peru result from a strategic planning carried out over the last three years. We analyzed multiple variables and identified various opportunities to contribute to the country’s development, bringing the experience and knowledge that Joyco has acquired in more than 40 years of operation in Colombia.
  2. Since the last five years, the company has visualized its business expansion. Not only in Colombia but also internationally, thus it has been working on its internationalization plan, which has undergone a rigorous process of analysis and identification of opportunities and is not directly related to any policy or government decision.
  3. In this way, several countries have been identified to bring Joyco’s services, knowledge, capacity, and experience and thus contribute to its development, progress, and growth, as it has done in Colombia for 44 years.
  4. Its commitment to the transformation, progress and well-being of Colombia remains firm, through its diverse portfolio of services that allows it to promptly meet the needs of its clients and, thus, the execution of important projects that provide development to the impacted communities.
  5. As is the duty of every company, Joyco constantly monitors its global, regional, and local environment to analyze impact situations and identify growth and development opportunities, always seeking to fulfill its purpose in every action it undertakes.

In this way, Joyco denies what different media outlets have published in the news stating that it is disinvesting in Colombia to carry out investments in other countries for reasons related to government decisions.

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