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Joyco structures 20 and 100 megawatt photovoltaic energy projects, Joyco

Joyco structures 20 and 100 megawatt photovoltaic energy projects

The consulting firm ventures into the energy sector with the structuring of photovoltaic generation initiatives.

Joyco recently, in compliance with its strategic growth plan, undertook the structuring of 20 and 100-megawatt photovoltaic power generation projects in Colombia.

This structuring includes the development of environmental impact studies consultations with the communities surrounding the projects and the execution of studies and technical designs to obtain the environmental permit.

“In recent years, Joyco’s growth strategy has centered on the energy sector, looking forward to expanding the business by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by this sector and where the company has the potential to participate,” said Diana Lorena Castaño Acevedo, General Manager of the company.

Castaño added up that the needed actions to make a reality Joyco’s presence and experience in the energy sector have been taken. Proof of this is that today we are structuring energy projects in a consortium. 

“We structure these projects with a strategic ally, and we are currently attending the feasibility stage and carrying out environmental impact studies,” the company manager pointed out.

This incursion into the energy sector occurs just when concepts such as the energy transition and humanizing energy are becoming more relevant in the main discussions of the field, such as those promoted by the World Energy Council. When talking about energy transition, it is associated with the decarbonization of the planet, seeking solutions that involve replacing non-renewable and highly polluting energy sources with renewable energies generated from clean sources and lower production of wastes.

Furthermore, the humanizing energy invites us to implement actions not limited to energy generation but also give equal relevance to the security of supply and demand, energy equity, and energy sustainability for the transition of the energy system, mitigating and avoiding potential environmental damage. 

“Joyco is highly committed to contribute in the energy sector to build a cleaner, greener, and more democratic world. This energy transition is a fundamental axis in sustainable economic growth worldwide however it must obey the characteristics of each context,” concluded Castaño, while saying that “the company will continue to look for opportunities that will allow us to exploit our full potential to bring to new sectors the experience and knowledge we have acquired during these 44 years of existence”.

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