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Joyco participates in a discussion panel on Colombian consultancy , Joyco

Joyco participates in a discussion panel on Colombian consultancy 

The discussion focused on the consultant selection process and the attributes to be considered in this activity by the contracting entities to promote quality in the sector.

April 29 20222.

In the framework of the Advances, challenges, and opportunities for the infrastructure sector event carried out by the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure (CCI) on April 28, Joyco’s Board of Directors Chairman, José Joaquín Ortiz, participated in a panel discussion about consultancy in Colombia. This dialogue also had the participation of the Minister of Transport, Angela Maria Orozco. 

Overall, the infrastructure guild addressed relevant topics for consultant companies such as the infrastructure audit services, consultant selection procedures, and the quality of the consultancy at a national level.

Ortiz referred to the consultant selection procedures and the attributes that should be considered in this activity by the contracting entities to promote the quality of consultancy and business strengthening.

‘What do clients expect from consultants? That they satisfy the project needs, add value, reduce risks, and make the initiative successful for the company and society,’ said Joyco’s Chairman. Mr. Ortiz also emphasized that consultant selection procedures in public procurement in Colombia should consider the following elements:

• Relevant experience of the consultant company in relation to the project. 

• The quality of the technical, administrative, and managerial methodology. 

• The qualifications, availability, and commitment of the proposed professionals. 

• Training or transfer of knowledge where applicable.

• Diagram of activities and personnel.

This discussion panel also counted on the participation of Miguel Ángel Bettin, Servinc Manager; Argelino Durán, Hidroconsulta Manager and the moderation of Jorge Alberto Marín, vice president of the CCI and Juan Martín Caicedo, executive president of the guild.

In turn, the Minister of Transport highlighted the importance of creating spaces for critical transformative dialogues in the Colombian consultancy sector. 

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