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The great and unforgettable life of Clara Inés García, Joyco

The great and unforgettable life of Clara Inés García

Her heart of service, generosity, joy, and genuine concern for people became an example of human warmth and her legacy will endure and inspire others for generations to come.

On March 11, 2022, we bid farewell to Clara Inés García, who founded Joyco with her husband José Joaquín Ortiz Suárez in October 1978.

Since day one, when José Joaquín Ortiz Suárez and Clara Inés García went to register the company, Clarita’s spirit of service has been kept alive in the organization. Not only by the people who had the opportunity to know her personally but also by those who have lived her legacy of humanity, integrity, optimism, and mastery.

“Clarita had the fortune and the privilege to live a life surrounded by love and affection” said José Joaquín Ortiz García, president of our Board of Directors and Clara’s son.

Her perseverance, determination, joy, and constant desire to help others, motivate us to keep alive her spirit of service in our organization by fulfilling our purpose of transformation, progress, and well-being with quality infrastructure.

Diana Lorena Castaño, Joyco’s general manager, said “this company preserves the endearing culture of its founders in its people, in the way we face challenges, projects, and in the mastery and excellence of impeccable execution.”

Clarita, from the Joyco family, we bid you farewell with gratitude for all your lessons. Today, we honor your live with this farewell.

Forever, you will be in our minds, and we will carry your joy deep within our hearts.

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